Fortunate Things

  Fortune cookies have become embedded in popular cultures in the last century. The smooth cleft shape and thin strip of white paper poking out have become synonymous with wise lessons and good predictions. The inscription on the "fortune" can vary greatly, whilst some may feature a vague or inapplicable message, others can have a completely direct and future prediction for tomorrow or a life suggestion and even lottery numbers!

The level of belief also varies, whilst some take the message with a pinch (or handful) of salt others see the information as a warning and only discarded at their own peril.

Because of this symbolism, the cookie its self is often found in more places than just American-Chinese restaurants. The luck association means it can be found anywhere where chance or fate plays a part, chance games involving money such as the lottery and scratch games have used the imagery, "Fortune Cookie", found at the Ruby Fortune Casino and now available as Ruby Fortune Mobile Casino App, is a popular slot game that uses not only the name, but also images of the cookie.

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Fortune Cookie