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  Fortune Factory in San Francisco

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Fortune Cookie Factory San Francisco, California


Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company
A tiny old-world factory situated in Chinatown has produced thousands of Chinese Fortune Cookies a day since 1962.

In the dim light, watching three women deftly turn dough into fortune cookies you could be forgiven for thinking you had traveled back in time.

Location: 56 Ross Alley, San Francisco
Hours: 9am to Midnight
Phone: 415.781.3956
Cost: Free


Fortune Cookie Factory Oakland, California

Watch as the batter mixture is injected into a fascinating machine and comes out the other end as round little cookies. These are then quickly picked up, message inserted and folded, before they go hard.

Take home a bag of cookies with you.

Location: 261 12th Street, Oakland, California
Phone: 510.832.5552

  Fortune Cookie Factory Philadelphia

Fortune Cookie Factory Philadelphia


Celebrity Chef Joe Poon, conducts a two hour tour around his Philadelphia community. On the tour he stops at a Fortune Cooke Factory as well as other fascinating places such as a Chinese herb store and Asian bakery.

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