Gourmet Cookie Favors

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Gourmet Cookie favors are the best idea for a party favor. I mean what's better than a party favor that you can actually eat :-)

Consider this. Your guests arrive and find their favors - imagine their excitment of finding a gourmet cookie favor. Your party will be talked about for years to come.

Finding the best gourmet cookied favors is easy, just keep these points in mind:-

  1. Are the cookies sent to you fresh?
  2. Are they made fresh daily?
  3. Is the entire cookie edible?
  4. Are they made of quality ingredients?
  5. Are they packaged attractively and securely?

Not so long ago we found a fabulous cookie store that answered 'Yes' to all these questions....Click HERE of CookieHQ.com

Just imagine the air of excitment these cookie favors will make at your function. Be the talk of the town.


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