Baking Fortune Cookies

How To Make Fortune Cookies


Tips and Tricks To Making Fortune Cookies

Here are Neil and Tina's tips and tricks for 'How to Make Fortune Cookies'.

  • be accurate when measuring out the batter into the circles - this will help keep them even

  • be careful to spread batter evenly - no hills and hollows

  • the cookies are hot when folding - so wear white cotton gloves

  • once folded just put in a small muffin tray - this will help to maintain the shape until it is cool.

  • jazz up your cookies - add a few drops of food coloring to the batter

  • best to use a laser printer for the messages as bubble jet ink tends to smudge if it gets oily


Other recipes include:-

Chinese Fortune Cookie Recipe - the basic recipe that works well.

Griddle Fortune Cookies - use a hot griddle to cook these cookies.

Basic Fortune Cookies Recipe - general recipe.

Cookie-Cutter Fortune Cookies - an unusual recipe and different from the traditional recipes. Roll out dough and cut out rounds.


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